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I myself have not addressed EZOMEPRAZOLA, but I mean it. By analogy with your advice, I heard, while lying in the hospital, advice from an old man to use CYMETIDINE, since once there, in his youth, he helped him. And today, this class of anti-ulcer drugs has gone 5 generations ahead, and the original one had a bunch of side effects and has not been used for a long time.

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Nevertheless, handing out advice, it is impossible to rely on only "I tried and it became better for me / it did not become worse." People in the fight against the disease tend to believe any miracles and at the same time doubt in many ways, and nobody would be better off if a person saves on health by fearing to overpay.

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You can not try on yourself! I would like to believe the doctor who wrote to take Nexium instead of expensive Pariet, but for two months, plus other medicines, it turns out the whole pension will go for treatment ... I gave a hint about Omezaprazol, so the doctor almost cried out, no! What is it? Collusion of doctors and pharmacies?